It is a French origin and important variety especially since it is planted as a fertilizer to Chandler. The trees grow strong and vertically. It leaves 26-27 days after Payne.

Fruit Weight: 10-12 gram
Internal Rate: %46-47
Fertilizers: Fernette, Ivarto, Meylannoise, Ronde de Montignac

Height & Growth strong growing
Tree crown Massive crown
Flowering late flowering. The beginning of the vegetation and the flowering starts late. Suitable for areas with low winter temperatures and late spring frosts.
Flowering type Protandrous
Pollination very good pollinator for Lara and Chandler.
Terminal or Lateral  terminal bearing variety, but high yields
Fruiting late fruit bearing.
Fruit medium (9-12 g), ca. 28-32 mm, globular nuts.
Shell & pericarp Robust typical classy shell
Kernel Nice light kernels, weight 5-6 g, easily shelled, wonderful taste
Harvest End of September / beginning of October
Oil content 65%
Kernel % 45%
Winter hardness very good winter frost hardness
Frost susceptibility high resistance to late spring frost
Sensitivity to bacterial blight and anthracnose resistance to anthracnose and bacterial blight (only on more acid soils more susceptible

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