It is a variety developed by the University of California. It is a hybrid of Serr x Tehama. It leaves 12 days after Payne. Fructification rate side branches are %70-80 and the light coloured internal rate is %80-90. The trees grow in the middle strong vertically.

Especially suitable for fencing.

Fruit Weight: 13-14 gram
Internal Rate: %49-50
Fertilizers: It is a self- efficient variety.

Height & Growth  moderate growth, upright
Tree crown  the branch angle is less than 45%, making it an upright tree; suitable   hedge planting system or other high density planting system.
Flowering  leafing is about 12 days after Payne, flowering 6-10 days after   Payne, but earlier than Cisco and Franquette, Male bloom consistently overlaps pink female bloom in mature trees and covers   an average of 80 percent of the entire female bloom period.
Flowering type  Protandrous
Self fertile  self pollinating
Pollination  -
Terminal or Lateral  72 % lateral bearing variety
Fruiting  enters fruiting early, good fertility of 80%. 
Fruit  large -13 gr., almost round
Shell & pericarp  medium textured, soft, thin but thicker than Chandler, well-sealed,   almost round (36x40 mm)
Kernel  large, well-sealed, high-quality nut, light to light amber color (similar   to Vina), weight: 7 g, excellent taste, the nut is cleanly   separated from the shell
Harvest  September 18th - October 03th
Oil content  high oil content
Kernel %  53% 
Winter hardness medium winterhard little susceptible to late spring frosts
Frost susceptibility little susceptible to late spring frosts practically resistant to anthracnose and bacterial blight
Sensitivity to bacterial blight and anthracnose practically resistant to anthracnose and bacterial blight

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